We are pleased to offer virtual counselling sessions to those who may benefit from them. At this time we can offer virtual counselling sessions to anyone who is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. If you are a resident outside of BC some provinces and countries do allow their residents to see a counsellor in BC, so feel free to reach out if you are out of province to see we are able to provide counselling services to you.

How should I prepare for my online counselling appointment?

We recommend making sure that you are in a private and safe space for your appointment. Treat it as if you are coming into our office and make sure that you don’t have any distractions around and that no one will disturb you while you are in your appointment. Make sure that you have a fully charged device and a strong internet connection to minimize technical difficulties and delays in our sessions.

Is online counselling really the same as in person counselling?

Overall, we have found that online counselling can give the same benefits that in person counselling does. While online counselling isn’t for everyone, especially if you feel like you can’t get privacy in your home, it has been shown in research to be just as effective as in person counselling.

Why would I do online counselling?

Online counselling can be extremely beneficial if it is the right fit for you in this season. Some of the benefits include:

  • Allowing you to connect with a therapist who might live further away than you would like to travel, but who is a great fit for you.
  • It is easier for your mental or physical health.
  • Saving travel time and cost
  • Accessing therapy from multiple locations or while travelling
  • Maintaining social distancing and lowering your risk from COVID-19 or exposure to other illnesses.

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