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Find more information about our counselling services located in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

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Virtual Counselling

You can access our team of Registered Counsellors from the comfort of your home.

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Our team of physiotherapists are available online to help you from the comfort of your home.

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Mental Health Counselling and Virtual Care Physiotherapy

Our Team Of Therapists Is Here To Help

  • Leanne Barden
    Leanne Barden

    Works with: Children, Youth, Adults, and Families

    Available: In person & Online

    Pronouns: She/Her

  • Lynn Malbeuf Registered Clinical Counsellor

    Works with: Children (3+), Youth, Adults, Couples, Families

    Available: In person & Online

    Pronouns: She/Her

  • Sandy Zhang Registered Clinical Counsellor

    Works with: Children, Youth, Adults, Families & Couples

    Works in: English & Mandarin

    Available: Online

    Pronouns: She/Her

  • Kate James Canadian Certified Counsellor

    Works with: Children (6+), Youth, Adults, Families & Couples

    Available: In person & Online

    Pronouns: She/They

  • Amy Kobelt Registered Clinical Counsellor

    Works with: Children (12+), Youth, Adults

    Available: In Person & Online

    Pronouns: She/Her

  • Tony Cruz Registered Physiotherapist

    Works in: English and Spanish

    Available: Online & Contact for in-person

    Pronouns: He/Him

Your Next Steps Towards Healing

Trauma Processing

Read about trauma processing therapies like EMDR and OEI.

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Mental Health

Counselling can help with anxiety, depression, and life changes

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Physical Injury

Work with a physiotherapist for injury rehabilitation, strength training, and future proofing your body

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You can access our therapists in person or online

Haven Wellness Collective Counselling

Learn more about how holistic treatment could work for you.

There are a variety of approaches to coping with things like stress, depression, chronic pain and trauma. Effective treatment involves an embodied approach. We understand that your physical, emotional, spiritual and relational health are deeply connected and our treatment reflects that.

  • Tony has been my main physiotherapist and he's great. He's very collaborative...His approach is very holistic and I very much appreciate everything he's been doing to help me.

    Michael A.
  • Amy and Tony at Haven Wellness are some of the kindest, most compassionate practitioners! Their hearts and skills really shine through in their work and I’d feel comfortable referring any client to them.

    Laura A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling is a broad term that can included trauma therapy, as well as talk therapy, learning coping skills, and exploring your past. Trauma therapy is a specific form of counselling that addresses the root of the problem using a variety of specific trauma processing therapies. These therapies are designed to support you in processing memories and experiences that are stuck in your body that make it feel like those experiences are still happening. These therapies activate both your body and brain to help you release the impacts of those stressful and traumatic experiences. Our counsellors are trained a variety of different therapies that support trauma processing (Lifespan Integration Therapy, EMDR, OEI, art therapy). Ask about them in your consultation call to see if they might be a fit for you.

  • Therapy is tailored to the individual which means that depending on your schedule, your finances and how you process information sessions can be spaced out accordingly. Starting with weekly or bi-weekly sessions is what we suggests when you being counselling.
  • The number of sessions is dependent on your goals in counselling which can make it tricky to give a number. This is a question to ask in your consultation call to get an estimate.

Some people like having things to work on in between sessions and others want the space to process more organically. Depending on your goals in therapy your therapist may ask you to try different things between sessions. Your therapist is available to answer basic questions via email between sessions, but we ask that you reserve sharing detailed information or complex questions for your next session.

The psychological therapy processes have a highly variable duration, which depends on multiple factors, such as the severity of the existing problems, the therapeutic goals, psychosocial environment, etc.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of situations where Tele-Rehab can be effective for treatment:

  • Acute or recent injury assessment
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Ergonomic Assessment
  • Deconditioning or muscle atrophy
  • Exercise planning
  • Accountability
  • Chronic illness
  • Neuro Rehab
  • Post-surgical treatment
  • Post-operative hip and knee replacement
  • Shoulder pain and restriction
  • Digital Nomads
  • Falls Prevention
  • Consulting
  • Postural pain
  • Peace of mind
  • If you would like a second opinion

The fees per session vary depending on the length and type of your session and who your practitioner is. For more details on our rates click here. 

  • Unfortunately counselling is not covered under MSP. If you have extended health benefits they all differ, so be sure to check if your insurance covers a registered clinical counsellor (RCC) or Canadian certified counsellor (CCC).  Even if you have insurance we require payment up front and then you will receive a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.
  • If you have coverage through the Crime Victims Assistance Program (CVAP) Amy is a registered provider and so some or all of your counselling may be covered.
  • If you are eligible, MSP Supplementary benefits may cover $23 per visit for a combined annual limit of 10 visits for physiotherapy services, among others. For more information, visit BC Gov’s website.

At this time, we do not offer direct billing. Instead, we will send you an invoice after receiving payment for your appointment which you can then submit to your insurance provider.

Stay tuned for direct billing for our physiotherapy services!

All of our services at Haven Wellness Collective can be accessed directly without a referral!

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