In Person Counselling in Vancouver and Online Therapy

At Haven Wellness Collective we offer both virtual and in person counselling sessions in Vancouver or online. Our in person counselling sessions take place at our private office space in the heart of Kitsilano. Our office is easily accessible by transit and there is free 2 hour street parking nearby. Our office is intentionally furnished to provide safety and coziness for our clients.

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What can counselling help me with? 

Counselling can help you with a variety of concerns, from a life transitions to diagnosed mental illnesses. At Haven Wellness we work with you to meet your goals for your mental health. Counselling may be helpful for you if you are struggling with any of the following issues:

What types of counselling do you provide? 

Our practioners are all educated with a minimum master’s degree and registered with regulatory bodies in BC and/or Canada. Each practioner at Haven is trauma-informed and is also trained in other modalities. These are some of the therapies that our team can provide at Haven.


How do I know what therapist is right for me?

Counselling is a deeply personal and unique experience. Just like you, your therapist has their own life experiences, personality, educational trainings and style that they bring into the therapy room with you. Not every therapist will be a good fit for every person, and that’s totally okay! We highly recommend doing a free consultation call with therapists to ensure they are a good fit for you. Here are some questions that you might consider asking:

  • How do you view change in therapy? (This allows you to see their specific modality or scope of therapy. For example: emotion-focused, cognitive, mindfulness, family systems)
  • What do sessions look like?
  • What happens between sessions?
  • Is there homework or readings?
  • Do you have specific training or experience around (the issue you want to work on)?

At the core of therapy is a strong therapeutic relationship. Finding a counsellor you feel safe and comfortable with is imperative. As you browse different websites or chat with counsellors, see if anything stood out to you about them – did you enjoy reading about or talking to them? Did you feel like you could be honest or vulnerable with them? You can read more about choosing the right therapist in our blog.

What can I expect in my first counselling appointment?

In your first appointment you can expect that your counsellor will spend time getting to know you, your history and your goals for counselling. Your counsellor will also go over our confidentiality agreement with you and answer any questions about how counselling works. Each counsellor has a different style and approach but all of our counsellors are highly trained and experienced clinical counsellors and are registered to work in BC. By the end of your first session your counsellor will talk about you about your agreed upon goals and discuss the next steps moving forward. You will have the option to book another appointment while you are in your session or book later online.

If you attend counselling in person, our therapists will offer you a warm drink or a glass of water, though you are also welcome to bring in your own favourite drink to sip on in your session!

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